Sunday, February 23, 2014

Goat Milk Fudge

 Goat Milk Fudge
Toggenburg Goats of Arizona, $8

Two questions to which I will always answer YES: 

"Would you like a sample of fudge?"

"Would you like to hold a 3-week-old goat?"

I heard both from Suzanne Eaton at the Yuma Farmers Market stall where she and her husband Bob sell goat milk-based soaps, lotions, cheese, and fudge.  The Eatons raise Swiss Toggenburgs, the oldest domesticated breed of goat.  Because the girls need to get used to being handled during milking, the Eatons often bring youngsters along to the market, where the spend the morning charming the crowds from a playpen next to the tent.  

Although her mother sounded about as happy as a car alarm, the baby only struggled for a few seconds when Sue hoisted her out of the pen and into my arms.  Then she leaned in and started to nibble delicately at my chin.  I was proud to play this small part in creating the next generation of rich, chewy goat milk fudge. 

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Autumn May Dale said...

Cool! I haven't try to use goat milk in making milk fudge. Anyway, you give me an idea there, will try it next time. Thanks for sharing.