Thursday, February 20, 2014

Date Rolls

Date Rolls
Yuma Quartermaster Depot, $3.50 /.5lb

For a cold:  hot soup.  For a hangover:  bloody mary mix.  For when a sudden shift to a hot dry climate leaves you feeling like a wrung-out rag:  gallons of water and a pack of date rolls.  Available from the Yuma Visitor Information Center's fridge, each energy-packed log is made from fresh dates pureed into a smooth, creamy fondant, then rolled in either shredded coconut or chopped nuts. 

Yuma Quartermaster Depot Visitor Information Center
201 N 4th Ave
Yuma AZ
928 / 783-0071


Anonymous said...

Dates are so delicious! The Chinese have an interesting snack/dessert where they stuff jujubes with glutinous rice dough. If you want to sweeten things up you can add some osmanthus syrup. Simple but so unbearably good.

Julia said...

Seriously, dates are amazing!! To think I wasted so many years being put off by their stickiness and weird skin. Do you have a recipe for this Chinese dessert or is it just this simple? And any recommendation for where to buy osmanthus syrup? I think it's the same as cassia jam, which I've seen in Seattle stores looking alarmingly like jars full of rust.