Thursday, January 14, 2010

"The Japanese Snickerdoodle" in Edible Seattle Magazine

If you are in Seattle, please check out my article, "The Japanese Snickerdoodle: Art Oki and Umai-do Manju Bakery" in the January/February issue of Edible Seattle magazine. In it I profile Art Oki, a fellow wagashi enthusiast forging a second career in home-style Japanese sweets (above, his dorayaki, kinako manju, and imogashi). At some point the issue will also be available online, and I will be sure to post the link.

3/4/10 update:
This article is now available on Edible Seattle's webpage.


david said...

did you ever get that link to Art Oki's site for the wagashi?

Julia said...

No site that I know of yet; I was just by his storefront last week and it looks like the remodel is underway. I'm sure a website will follow!