Friday, September 5, 2008

Shinko Mochi II

Day forty-six: Shinko Mochi
¥120 each

Apparently unrelated to the deep-fried shinko mochi I previously ate in Tokyo, these little dough bars came from a tiny stall in a covered market near Shimogama. If I understood correctly, they are made of joshinko, a flour ground from non-glutinous rice (as opposed to the more common glutinous mochiko)--which is odd, considering these shinko mochi were
devilishly sticky, as rubbery as fishing worms, and so chewy I could probably have blown bubbles. The green tea one was kind of bland, but the cinnamon was hot and mellow and I could have happily gnawed on it all day (but then I'm a fan of Big Red). I also find the form delightfully (if oddly) fleshy, with its dimples and fat rings and that weird little orifice at each end.

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