Friday, August 6, 2010

Methow Vallery Energy Balls

Methow Valley Energy Balls

For a rural provisioner, the Mazama Store (below) has plenty to tempt even the best-fed city dweller. I lingered over the bakery case and the candy aisle, but finally chose a plastic baggie of Energy Balls, hand-rolled on the premises.

Each of the different flavors is named for a nearby landmark and comes printed with some local trivia. I picked "The Hidden Treasure Variety":

"The Hidden Treasure mine was one of the most prominent mines located within the Squaw Creek District. A coffee bean serves as the hidden treasure in these Energy Balls--perfect for that early morning on the trail...or by the fire!"

Or for the reluctant drive back to the city.

"Hidden Treasure" energy balls contain peanut butter, cocoa powder, honey, whole coffee beans, and unsweetened coconut.

The Mazama Store
50 Lost River Road
Mazama, WA 509/996-2855

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Wanderluster said...

This is *perfect* trail food!

Gourmantic said...

Now that I've read the contents, I can see why they're called Energy balls. One of those and I'd be buzzing on caffeine and sugar!

jessiev said...

looks great - esp for travel!