Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cascadian Farm

Raspberry Shortcake
Cascadian Farm, $4.50

How's this for a summer treat? Shortcake with fruit and whipped cream, purchased from a hobbit house sitting in the middle of lush berry fields and eaten at a sun-baked picnic table. If I had read the U-pick schedule before I ordered I would have chosen in-season blueberries; since raspberries peak earlier in the summer, the one disappointment was that the berries in my shortcake weren't quite thawed.

Even if you've never been to Rockport, WA, you've probably seen Cascadian Farm's organic products on the shelves at your grocery. Although the company is now massive and diverse, the u-pick fields and farm stand tell the story of Cascadian's small start in 1972 as a pioneering organic farm.

Cascadian Home Farm
55749 State Route 20
Rockport, WA

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