Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crazy Dave's Ginger Brew

Ginger Brew
Crazy Dave's Organic Sodaworks, $3

What is it about the water in Bend that makes people want to ferment it?  In addition to Bend Brewing and the Deschutes Brewery, Bend is also home to the non-alcoholic delights of Crazy Dave's Organic Sodaworks: "We make the best Ginger Brew on Planet Earth (which is the only known planet in our solar system to grow ginger)". Unlike most sodas, Crazy Dave's deliciously sweet-spicy Ginger Brew has an abbreviated list of ingredients:  ginger, evaporated cane juice, and lemon juice.  It's available in cafes and shops in Redmond, Eugene, and Bend ("Be sure to pound your fist on the counter as you demand a taste of the "World's Finest Ginger Brew!"), as well as at selected markets and tasting events in Portland and Sisters (at least according to the 2009 market schedule posted on Crazy Dave's website).

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Anonymous said...

Where does Crazy Dave sell in Redmond and Eugene? Also do you find the logo to be bland?