Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Camp Fire Candy

Camp Fire Candy

At the Bend (Oregon) Historical Society there is currently a temporary display commemorating the 100th anniversary of the youth organization now known as Camp Fire USA. Among the artifacts are boxes (presumably empty) of fundraising sweets including Camp Fire Mints and confections by Almond Roca and Russell Stover.

As a survivor of numerous Girl Scout cookie campaigns, I was interested to learn that Camp Fire kids went through much the same rite of passage:

"Almost everyone involved with Camp Fire as a child can remember standing on a front porch with the weight of a cardboard case full of Camp Fire Mints digging into their fingers as they reached to ring the doorbell.

"Youth members have been selling candy since the organization's early days. The unrestricted revenue is used to fund outstanding Camp Fire programs, and clubs and individuals earn incentives including free camp.

"Today, sales are to friends, relatives, and to retail sites."

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