Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Umai-do Update

In the year since I had my first, addictive taste of Umai-do's homestyle Japanese sweets, I've been keeping a hungry eye on this young business. My article on Umai-do's proprietor, native Seattleite Art Oki, appeared in the January/February issue of Edible Seattle magazine; if you weren't able to catch it in print, the full text is now available on Edible Seattle's webpage.

While the Umai-do storefront isn't yet open, renovations are coming along, and in the meantime Oki is happy to take special orders. You'll also have a chance to enjoy Umai-do products at Seattle Center's Cherry Blossom Festival, April 16-18. Try the "pink" manju (above), a delicate dumpling of homemade white bean paste wrapped in fresh mochi, or any of the other treats pictured on my original post.

3046 South Dawson St.
Seattle, WA

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jessiev said...

this is too fantastic. trip to seattle!

Ladyexpat (Nancie) said...

These look absolutely fabulous.

Beth W. said...

Japanese sweets are so lovely. Beautiful pictures, too!

Anonymous said...

i tell u ,japanese sweets make your eye more hungry than ever before

EilisFlynn said...

just found your article -- any word on this?

Julia said...

Sadly, no new ETA. I peek in the window every time I pass the shop and while it looks like things are happening, there's no word about an opening. I'll post something the moment I hear otherwise!

Knox Gardner said...

He finally opened. You can sit in there, have some tea and eat mochi!