Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Passports with Purpose Sweepstakes

Passports with Purpose is a group of travel bloggers who band together each year to raise money for an overseas development project.  In 2010, they raised more than $60,000 to support village construction in India; in 2011, PwP raised $90,000 towards building two libraries in Zambia.  

This year's project focuses on supplying clean water to communities in rural Haiti in partnership with Water.org.  I'm thrilled to be taking part!
How it works:  
All of us participating bloggers have pledged awesome items for the PwP Sweepstakes.  Between now and December 11th, visit http://passportswithpurpose.org/donate/
to check out the prizes on offer.  Each $10 donation will support the project AND enter you in the drawing for whatever prize catches your eye.  

My prize:
When I'm not busy researching and writing about sweets, I make jewelry.  While the two pursuits might seem very different, they appeal to me for many of the same reasons:  craftsmanship, nostalgia, and the opportunity to see more clearly what people value and how they express their feelings for one another. 

My double-sided vitrine lockets were inspired by Victorian lockets designed for holding fragile treasures such as miniature paintings, butterfly wings, fabric, or locks of hair.   I loved the idea so much, I spent more than a year just figuring out how to make them!  

Each vitrine is made up of two curved lenses held together in a sterling silver frame.  To customize a vitrine, just unscrew the the loop at the top to open the frame; put paper, pictures, or small objects between the lenses, and screw the frame closed again. 

I make each locket myself using watch crystals and sterling silver.  They're available in S (25mm), M (35mm), and L (45mm).  Each one comes with a hand-finished sterling chain that adjusts to three different lengths, and travels in a sturdy steel tin.  

For the PwP Sweepstakes, I'm offering a vitrine in your choice of size, PLUS, if you would prefer not to fill your vitrine yourself, I'll provide a custom design service.  Just send me the small items of your choice; I'll arrange them in the appropriate vitrine and send it right back to you.* 

Heading out on a journey?  This is the perfect accessory:  since you can change the contents every day, it'll go with everything!

Or just getting home?  Make a meaningful memento by filling a vitrine with a ticket stub, some beach sand, a dried leaf, or other small souvenir. 

*Here's my fine print: 
It is the winner's responsibility to send me any items for inclusion in the vitrine pendant.  l will contact the winner for approval before any irreversible alterations (eg, cutting, gluing) are made to the items.  The prize must be redeemed by June 30, 2013. 

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