Monday, June 20, 2011

Peach Pie à la Mode

Peach Pie à la Mode
Seattle Pie Company, $4.75

One great thing about Seattle is the topography of its treats. With so many bakeries, ice cream shops, and candy stores perched on top of steep hills, you can set out on foot from sea level and by the time you haul yourself, sweating and huffing, through their doors, you feel like you deserve to be there.

The Magnolia neighborhood contains many reasons to make the 375-foot climb, including the Seattle Pie Company. Every day owners Alyssa and Patrick Lewis fill a long glass case with juicy-ripe fruit pies, many of them seasonal, and stock a refrigerator with classic cream pies. You can buy whole pies to go, or enjoy them a slice at a time at one of SPC's tables.

The peach pie's sunny, silky fruit and pebbly crust go particularly well with unctuous vanilla ice cream. The practice of calling such a pairing "à la mode" dates to the late 19th century and has remained in fashion ever since.

Seattle Pie Company
3111 West McGraw St.

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Las Vegas Golf Resorts said...

Peach anything has always been my favorite - in a pie like this with my favorite ice cream, WOW, I'm there! In Seattle, I know I can get a great cup of coffee to finish a dynamic trio.