Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pan de Coco

Pan de Coco

Whole Foods has published a series of recipe cards featuring foods inspired by clients of their Whole Planet Foundation, a microlending organization (if you've recently allowed a Whole Foods checker to round your total up to the nearest dollar, Whole Planet is probably where your change went). The recipes look amazing, and I love that they allow you to share a tiny taste of someone else's life.

Pan de coco is a light, fluffy, coconut-scented bread roll that's a favorite in Honduras. As flavored breads go, it's easy to make and versatile. The recipe card recommends having it with rice, beans and fried plantains, or as a simple snack with coffee, but I can attest that it also makes fantastic French toast (below).

The pan de coco recipe card also features
Euceria Bernandez, a second-generation Honduran baker. She bakes pan de coco in a fire pit in her yard and sells it door-to-door in her neighborhood. A microloan allowed her to stock up on staple ingredients.

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Wanderluster said...

I love this - a simple, delicious treat with a story!

Anonymous said...

this amazing! I have been in the US now 13 years and I am an Honduras native and I have craved pan de coco ever since arriving here!! Thanks to Google and this site I can finally make my own..hopefully is just as good as I remember having it as a child :)

Julia said...

Anonymous, how did your pan de coco turn out? I'd love to hear how it compares to what you remember. I have so many tastes like that--things from childhood that I so wish I could try again!