Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet Masterpiece

Bleu Cheese Truffle
Sweet Masterpiece, $2.50

Like the miso paste in matsukaze cake, aged blue cheese is a robustly
umami foodstuff--rich, satisfying, and almost meaty. Although it is capable of adding a savory baseline to sweet treats, it is much more apt to drown out any softer flavors that try to share its stage.

Portland chocolatier Crystal Pyatt achieves a rare balance with her bleu cheese truffle, producing a tiny treat that bursts with complementary flavors. She blends three types of cheese into a silky, butter-soft dark chocolate ganache, covers each ball in a thin shell of dark chocolate, and tops it off with a few flakes of toasted nuts.

The bleu cheese truffle's only weakness is a short shelf life, thanks to the inherently moldy cheese. For the time being, it is only available at Sweet Masterpiece in Portland's Pearl District. This choco-centric cafe and winebar also features desserts, drinking chocolate, wine tastings, and live jazz.

Sweet Masterpiece
922 NW Davis St
Portland, OR
503/221-0055 ‎

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