Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bakery Nouveau

Twice-Baked Almond Croissant
Bakery Nouveau, $3.85

One morning a few weeks a regular customer dropped by the shop where I work to pick up some to-go drinks before heading over to West Seattle for the day. When I heard that her westside plans included a stop at Bakery Nouveau I let out one of those awkward, uncontrollable squeal-sighs, like a teenage girl confronted by a photo of Robert Pattinson in his underpants. Bakery Nouveau is a heartthrob of another stripe, a wildly popular boulangerie/patisserie owned by
2005 World Cup of Baking winner, William Leaman.

As I made her drinks, my customer and I bonded over our love for Nouveau's French-style treats. Rather than just reaching for a convenient packet of yeast, Nouveau's bakers take the time to grow and nurture active cultures. This gives the breads and pastries an inherently complex flavor and appealing texture--the starchy stuff isn't just a vehicle for tasty toppings or fillings.

When she asked, "So, what's your favorite thing there?" the answer welled up from my stomach without needing any input from my brain: the twice-baked almond croissant. Since the almond croissant is my litmus test for new bakeries, I've eaten a lot of them; very few are as flaky and flavorful as Bakery Nouveau's.

And although the almond croissant is one of Bakery Nouveau's most popular items, odds are good that if you go there you'll find fresh ones on the shelf; rather than just baking in the morning, Nouveau keeps cranking out new products throughout the day. Thanks to that policy and my customer's kindness, I had a huge treat in store. Several hours after we spoke, a car pulled up in front of the shop and my customer dashed in with a huge smile and a small paper bag. In it was a fresh almond croissant; I think it tasted even better than if I'd gone to Bakery Nouveau myself.

4737 California Avenue Southwest
Seattle, WA 98116-4412
(206) 923-0534


Mir Made said...

Awesome story. I tell you I love reading about your adventures with food. I feel your excitement. Thanks for the expierences.

PollyBee said...

I feel the same. All Japanese or any other culture's food experiences you are reporting is very much appreciated. Making the food even more delicious.