Monday, August 10, 2009

Tokaragashi II

Tokaragashi, $10/3

It's a lovely coincidence that Tokara's monthly "open house" and my birthday both happen on the 10th.  This year, instead of the usual chocolate-on-chocolate cake, I enjoyed a small box of three of Tokara's high summer sweets.  

Gourd (above) has a core of matcha-flavored smooth bean paste encased in cast kanten (agar jelly) with domyoji (crushed rice) for extra texture and a suggestion of snow flurries.

Summer Shade (below) is a single adzuki bean nestled on white bean paste, wrapped in a shimmering skin of gold-tinted kanten:  no need for candles when your birthday treat generates its own glow!

Gourd and Summer Shade are still available through the retail outlets listed on Tokara's website.  Tokara's next touryanse happens September 10th.  Call ahead to reserve a box of seasonal sweets as beautiful as they are delicious. 

6208 Phinney Avenue North
Seattle WA 98103

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