Friday, July 24, 2009

Thrive Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse
Thrive, $3.75/serving at Bite of Seattle

The first thing I did upon arriving at "Bite of Seattle" was ride a roller coaster. It was one of those enclosed boxes that rocks around on pistons so the occupants feel like they're lurching and swooping in synch with a computer-generated image projected on a wraparound screen. The line was short and the attendants promised air conditioning.

The last time I rode in one of these roller-boxes the premise was a rollicking ride through a low-gravity Martian ore mine. This time the theme was atherosclerosis.

After 5 minutes of buffeting against plaque-clogged arteries and ricocheting off blood clots, I wasn't in the mood for many of Seattle's sweetest, greasiest, and cheesiest bites. I was delighted to find a booth run by Thrive, a new-ish Seattle restaurant featuring fresh, organic, and raw ingredients. Their chocolate mousse is also gluten-free and vegan, an enjoyably unctuous fr0th of coconut milk, raw cacao, agave syrup, and cashews, with just enough sea salt to underline the rich chocolate flavor.

1026 NE 65th St #A-102
Seattle, WA

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mac centeno said...

this is so good! look at that chocolate syrup on top.this is heaven. what a great blog..