Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Curio Confections

Curio Confections
Blackberry Cobbler, $5
Raspberry Pate de Fruit, 50 cents

The brand-new Curio Confections shop is a curious experience--bright and shiny and at the same time so old-fashioned you expect the chairs to creak. I clapped my hands like a trained seal when I spotted the trays of pate de fruit, jewel-like squares of intensely fruity gel rolled in sparkling sugar that are unaccountable hard to find in this country (or century?). There are also handmade versions of things most people have probably forgotten were ever made outside a factory: glassy lollipops, bars of Montelimar nougat, and slabs of fresh marshmallow in a number of flavors.

There is coffee, of course, and a case full of tempting baked goods. My friend Wendy and I shared a hot, oozy blackberry cobbler in which the pastry was nearly as moist and delectable as the fruit. Curio also has wine evenings and I've heard glowing reports on their Sunday brunch savories.

Curio Confections
5509 University Way NE, Suite C
Seattle, WA 98105

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